EN-TRACK and PROPEL Explore Potential for Collaboration
On 7 December, the EN-TRACK and PROPEL projects held a joint internal workshop to explore synergies and common links for future collaboration.

On 7 December, the EN-TRACK and PROPEL projects held a joint internal workshop to identify possible synergies and collaboration opportunities. During the workshop, the consortiums presented their projects, methods and objectives, and identified common key stakeholder groups and connections between them.

PROPEL is an EU-funded project, aiming to ensure the finance and deployment of energy efficiency initiatives, by developing a holistic service package accessible to everyone. It is a continuation of the LAUNCH project and builds on its tools and results.

The main aim of PROPEL is to setup the Sustainable Energy Finance Association (SEFA) an industry association that enables members to seamlessly deploy sustainable energy projects by providing all critical collateral and clearing pathways to successful deal closure. The PROPEL service package includes tools such as contractual collateral, risk assessment, digitalised tools and a strong  stakeholder network  actively enabling project deployment.

The standardised material and process developed through LAUNCH and PROPEL are as seen below:

During the workshop, the project consortiums discussed commonalities and potential synergies between EN-TRACK and PROPEL. The two projects approach their common goal of advancing energy efficiency projects in different ways, which provides an opportunity to share knowledge and complement each other. Possible joint activities were already outlined, including holding joint training sessions on data usage, and developing use cases and processes for data sharing.

The dialogue and collaboration between the projects will continue, as EN-TRACK enters the final phase of the project cycle and will soon launch its energy efficiency monitoring platform.

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