De-risking your sustainable investments

The Financial Institutions Forum

Green is the new black! Old news, we know, but you may still need to know more about how to direct your investments into a green and clean future.

With a targeted series of online events, the EN-TRACK consortium will not only introduce you to the functionalities and potential of the platform in development. We will also give you an opportunity to have your voice heard and contribute your knowledge on what data is needed to increase investment in unexplored areas of energy efficiency.

Join the EN-TRACK financial institutions forum to identify new investment opportunities and contribute to the innovation of data-driven benchmarking. Your contribution will help de-risk your investments in energy efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which types of financial institutions is EN-TRACK for?

Any financial institution who is actively investing in energy assets and energy efficiency

refurbishments. Whether you are a fund manager at an investment fund or an analyst at a

commercial bank, we want to hear your needs when it comes to data.

Why should I care about EN-TRACK?

Because data is important, and real data is even more important. EN-TRACK provides you data from

thousands of buildings, data which has been measured and verified and which is also presented to

you with the level of reliability the dataset has according to the source. This access to real data, in a

platform with the tools to benchmark and compare energy efficiency investments, will open the door to de-risking your investments and help you discover new possibilities.

How will you do this?

The EN-TRACK platform builds on a proven infrastructure developed by CIMNE (SHERPA & EDI-Net platform). It will be utilising big data analytics to support better decision-making on the right energy efficiency investments. In addition to gathering data from large public building owners, EN-TRACK enables interoperability with well-known and trusted databases and tools such as DEEP, eQuad and EnerInvest. This provides an open-source big data platform capable of acquiring and harmonising data from multiple sources based international standardized description of building data and energy efficiency measures. In other words, a standardized data-driven approach to the evaluation of energy efficiency investments performance. By paving the way to an ecosystem of products and tools able to exchange data and offer complementary services without ambiguity and at low transactional costs EN-TRACK will de-risk green investments in energy efficiency.