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New paper: Data Collection to Support Energy Efficiency Finance in the Building Sector
A new EN-TRACK paper has been published! The paper was written by Eddie Streng and Telvin Kulecho from Joule Assets Europe and focuses on the barriers of the energy efficiency market that EN-TRACK addresses, the solutions EN-TRACK is developing, and the consortium’s progress thus far.
New EN-TRACK article: Unveiling the Potential of Smart Meter Data
EN-TRACK partners ep group, EnEffect, ICAEN and Smart Innovation Norway collaborated on an article comparing the residential and non-domestic smart meter rollouts in the UK, Spain and Bulgaria, and set out recommendations based on the learnings of this comparison and industry workshops.
EN-TRACK and PROPEL Explore Potential for Collaboration
On 7 December, the EN-TRACK and PROPEL projects held a joint internal workshop to explore synergies and common links for future collaboration.