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Updates from the Bulgarian pilot site
Soon, the first version of the EN-TRACK platform will be released. In the meanwhile, we continue collecting feedback from public building owners, one of EN-TRACK's main user groups. Read about our latest activities in Bulgaria!
iceeep en-track josep mayos
EN-TRACK presented at ICEEEP 2023
Josep Mayos from CIMNE presented EN-TRACK at ICEEEP 2023 in Barcelona. The keynote speech gave an overview of the different modules of the EN-TRACK platform and raised interest among the scientific audience.
en-track energy management platform municipalitites
Successful rollout of EN-TRACK at the Spanish pilot site
Training sessions on using the EN-TRACK platform are currently being conducted in Spain, for Catalan building and energy managers. As a result of the first training, a large proportion of Catalan government entities are now using EN-TRACK as a tool for registering energy efficiency activities.