Successful rollout of EN-TRACK at the Spanish pilot site
Training sessions on using the EN-TRACK platform are currently being conducted in Spain, for Catalan building and energy managers. As a result of the first training, a large proportion of Catalan government entities are now using EN-TRACK as a tool for registering energy efficiency activities.

Recently, Catalan building and energy managers attended the first training sessions at the Spanish pilot site on the use of EN-TRACK. As a result, a large proportion of Catalan government entities are now successfully using EN-TRACK as a tool for registering energy efficiency activities.

In the first training session, held on the 25th of October 2022, 74 participants from public companies and government departments attended, representing 68% of the Catalan government's energy expenditures. The session focused on the information repository and data gathering aspects of the platform, with a particular emphasis on gathering the energy efficiency measures. Following the training, the participants have already been able to use the EN-TRACK platform for easy collection of 1106 (up to 24 February 2023) energy efficiency actions carried out over the years 2021 and 2022.

The second training session is scheduled for May-June. In this session, the pilot partners will present EN-TRACK's energy consumption functionalities, which couple the buildings with their consumption and the energy efficiency measures implemented. The second session includes a broader selection of organisations, now that the platform has been tested by the initial group of users.

Both sessions are provided by Spanish pilot partners ICAEN (Catalan Institute for Energy) and CIMNE (International Centre for Numerical Methods in Engineering).

Credit: Matej Kastelic / Shutterstock

EN-TRACK simplifies energy management

The functionalities of the platform have immensely facilitated the ICAEN's work in recording and aggregating the energy efficiency actions carried out by the Catalan administration. The easing of workload has also been noted by some of the biggest departments (in terms of buildings) who have been pleased with the improvement in the data gathering methods.

The users have requested some additional features from the EN-TRACK platform, including the ability to extract any information currently present in the system. Another desired feature is generating reports based on a selection of graphs and results. Additionally, the capability to access the buildings' consumption has been requested, and it is expected to be available on the platform with the next update.

The next step for the Spanish pilot is to provide access to the buildings' energy consumption. This will require additional efforts from ICAEN side and mainly the energy managers need to connect the missing point of delivery (known as CUPS in Spain) with their buildings, a process that is ongoing.

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