New report: Overall requirements and data model
Moving on with the definition of requirements for the EN-TRACK platform. Read more in our latest report!

The Energy Efficiency Performance-Tracking Platform for Benchmarking Savings and Investments in Buildings or “EN-TRACK” project is delighted to announce the release of our first deliverable, which describes the requirements for input data and their organisation within the EN-TRACK platform.

This will help the consortium to develop the software to provide a comprehensive overview of Building Performance and Energy Efficiency Investment across the EU. By considering our key users and services from the start, we will ensure that the project delivers useful information and analysis to European stakeholders.

The report also examines some key data sources and calculation methods to ensure the platform covers a range of energy aspects and then continues to develop novel aspects of energy efficiency, including the consideration of non-energy benefits. Finally, the report provides important technical detail on all aspects of the EN-TRACK data model, to allow for an open-source, accessible system. We hope you find the document useful and engaging!

Access the full report here!

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