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Published deliverables

D1.1: EN-TRACK overall requirements and data model

This report describes the requirements for input data and their organisation within the EN-TRACK platform. This will help the consortium to develop the software to provide a comprehensive overview of Building Performance and Energy Efficiency Investment across the EU. By considering our key users and services from the start, we will ensure that the project delivers useful information and analysis to European stakeholders. The report also examines some key data sources and calculation methods to ensure the platform covers a range of energy aspects, and then continues to develop novel aspects of energy efficiency, including the consideration of non-energy benefits. Finally the report provides important technical detail on all aspects of the EN-TRACK data model, to allow for an open-source, accessible system.

D8.1: Data Management Plan

This deliverable presents the first version of the EN-TRACK Data Management Plan. The Data Management Plan clarifies the handling of research data during and after the project. It includes data that will be collected, processed or generated during the project, methodology and standards that will be applied, whether data will be shared and how data will be curated and preserved, taking into account all data-related aspects of the project. The Data Management Plan is a living document and will be updated at the end of the project to reflect the actual research data generated during the project and include updated instructions on the open data access.

Upcoming deliverables

D1.3: Specifications for calculation of indicators and benchmarking.

December 2021.

D1.4: Measurement and

verification procedures for energy efficiency investments. December 2021.

D6.5: First year report on activities including BOF & FIF meeting minutes and helpdesk logs.

December 2021.

D1.5: Report on interoperability with external platforms.

April 2022.

D1.6: EN-TRACK & DEEP mapping to BEDES.

April 2022.

D3.2: Report on current building data management practices in public administrations and large building owner organisations. June 2022.

D3.3: Towards achieving data governance for improving energy efficiency: A Protocols and Procedures Guide for owners of large building stocks. October 2022.

D6.2: Training material package for using EN-TRACK by building owners and contractors. October 2022.

D2.3: Report on analytics and

interoperability mplementation. December 2022.

D6.6: Second report on

activities including BOF & FIF. December 2022.

D4.2: Final Report on

data gathering and user operation.

July 2023.

D5.2: Business models.

July 2023.

D4.4: Final Report on

EN-TRACK service testing. October 2023.

D6.7: Third report on activities including BOF & FIF.

October 2023.